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HOTROD Septic was founded in 2018 by Beau Popejoy and Eric Jacobsen after their discoveries and success in the commercial manure management sector. They currently manufacture sustainable and organic agricultural products for large confined animal facilities to deal with common manure issues. Odor, Sludge, Solids and Contamination. It was after they realized what they were able to accomplish commercially with these products that they started testing their findings in the septic industry.  As the data was being collected, it didn't take long to discover this was the best septic treatment ever created.

Beau received a phone call from his father Ray in 2018 and said "You have to come look at this...There is nothing left in it" This picture was taken in the early stages of HOTROD Septic. It was this experience that set off the HOTROD Brand with local septic professionals in the Central IL area. (No solids, No Sludge, No Smell, Fewer Contaminates)